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Jules & Rassa

Jules & Rassa
- Elegance and coolness -
Jules & Rassa enjoyed their summer wedding to the full despite with the sauna temperature and infected all of your guests with their good mood. The elegant couple shooting took place in the Herrenhausen Gardens and celebrated in the XII Apostel in Hanover.
Malwina & Dominik
Malwina & Dominik
- A wedding with Polish flair -
Malwina & Dominik have a large and cheerful family. After emotinal church ceremony, the couple celebrated properly in amaizing location at hotel Hennies in Atwarmbüchen .
Caroline & Norman
Carolin & Norman
- In the middle of nature -
Caroline & Norman celebrated together with family and friends in the Berggasthaus Low Saxony. The free wedding took place in the middle of the forest.
Katia & Thibault
- Paris -
Je t'aime.
This amazing couple invited us to Paris to attend their wedding. A romantic castle and French gardens were the perfect setting for Katia & Thibault's big day. In the morning all Paris was under a thick cloud cover, but shortly before the wedding, the sun came out.
Natalia & Konstantin
- Odessa -
Like in fairy tales.
Together with family and friends, Natalia & Konstantin celebrated a wedding like a fairy tale. The sound of the ocean, sparklers, tinsel and a sea of flowers made a perfect day.
Ira & Michael
- Jurmala -
Pure joie de vivre.
Ira & Micheal live in London, but they decided to celebrate their marriage in Ira's home town in Latvia. So friends and family traveled to Jurmala at the Baltic Sea to spend an unforgettable weekend on the beach.
W. & H.
- Hamburg -
Nordic harmony.
W. & H. got married in the imposing St. Michaelis Church in Hamburg. A romantic harbor cruise and a photo shoot at the new Elbphilharmonie made a perfect day in a nordic way.
Victor & Alina
- Odessa -
The melody of the black sea.
Victor & Alina both grew up by the sea and so they decided to celebrate their wedding on Odessa's beach. Two burning hearts that light up the night sky.
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Olga & Igor
- Kiew -
Romance and bohemian chic.
Olga & Igor are two romantics and let us feel what true love can look like. Their soulful love confessions did not left one eye dry and have also become the centerpiece of the wedding video.
Jasmin & Jan-Ole
- Aurich -
We are family.
This couple goes through life together for a while. With great attention to detail, they've organized a beautiful wedding to celebrate their love.
Irina & Fedor
- Odessa -
Classic elegance.
Irina and Fedor have chosen a beautiful, historical museum in the port city of Odessa for their couple shooting. With an elegant play of light and shadow, this beacme a particularly aesthetic wedding video.
Calogero & Tamina
- Hannover -
Ti Amo!
What matters is the family and it grows together at a wedding. In the case of Tamina and Calogero German and Italian cultures meet and merge in harmony.
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Wedding video Hildesheim

Still in Love

- a compilation of our wedding videos 2016/17 -
Wedding video Hildesheim